What is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)?

simple mail transfer protocol
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

With emails being one of the most common services on the internet, have you ever wondered how email communication functions? In this article, we will discuss the “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol” or “SMTP”, which is responsible for the ability to transfer electronic mails via the internet. SMTP is a normal protocol which allows sending and receiving emails in network services.

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What is Content Management System (CMS)?

Content Management System

“Content is king”. Yes, we all have heard this quote time and again in recent times and that is because it is true. These days everything is online and good content ensures that your idea or business can reach millions of people. This is where CMS or content management system are helpful to all those who want to create and publish their content regularly. CMS handles important technical activities in the background, pulls data out from its database and display online, while the users are allowed to focus on the creative processes.

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What is UDP (User Datagram Protocol)?

UDP (user datagram protocol)

User Datagram Protocol or UDP is an alternate communication protocol similar to Transmission Control Protocol or TCP.  UDP is largely used for establishing internet connections among applications that can afford lower latency and loss of data. Both of these protocols run on the Internet Protocol and hence sometimes represented as UDP/IP and TCP/IP. In spite of the similarities, there are many important differences between the two protocols and we will discuss them in this article. Firstly, lets understand what is UDP and how it works?

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What is a Domain Name?

What are Domain Names and its features?

You need a domain name whenever you would like to start an internet site. Domains are links or addresses to your site. A lot of emphases can put on the right tools as they influence the introduction of your site. The DNS (domain name system) is responsible for sending domain and email facilities. Accessing a DNS implies that you can also access websites and email. In this article, I am going to simplify what is a Domain name and its features.

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